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Course Description

Graphic Design is one of the most highly demanded skills in the freelancing marketplace. In this crash course, you will learn how to create a minimalist business card design. After learning business card design from this course, you will be able  to get jobs in different freelancing marketplaces, and also you will get good ratings from your clients.

This is a great course to unlock your potential and try out if you are interested in learning more about Graphic Design.

With this knowledge you’ll be able to:

  • Work as a freelancer in different marketplaces
  • Create amazing minimalist business card designs

Prerequisites and requirements:

  • Access to Adobe Illustrator
  • Computer/Laptop with 8 GB of Ram
  • Good Internet Connection

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Chapter 00: Coderstrust

    • C0.01: Welcome to your learning journey!

    • C0.02: What is Coderstrust?

    • C0.03: Coderstrust & You

    • C0.04: Setting goals

    • C0.05: Join our Community

    • C0.06: How it works: Assignments

    • C0.07: How it works: Quiz

  • 2

    C1.01 - Introduction

    • C1.01 - Introduction

  • 3

    Chapter 2 : Design Research

    • C2.01 - Modern Trends

    • C2.02 - Inspiration

  • 4

    Chapter 3 : Illustrator Basics

    • C3.01 - Document Setup

    • C3.02 - Interface

    • C3.03 - Creating Shapes and Other Options - Part 1

    • C3.04 - Creating Shapes and Other Options - Part 2

  • 5

    Chapter 4 : Designing a Business Card

    • C4.01 Understanding the layout

    • C4.02 Creating business card shapes

    • C4.03 - Working with text - Part 1

    • C4.04 - Working with text - Part 2

    • C4.05 Export

  • 6

    Chapter 5 : Conclusion

    • Assignment : Create your own business card

    • One Last Step : Verification

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