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WordPress is the most popular website builder in today’s world. Around 40% of the websites available today are made in WordPress. The ability to create and edit websites without any coding makes it easier for clients to manage their own website later and that’s why there is an ever-increasing demand for WordPress. In this course, we will guide you through the entire process: from how to install Wordpress and start creating basic websites to actually creating industry-standard websites for clients that will get you paid. We will also teach you the basics of Web Development to get you started in the exciting world of coding.


With this knowledge you’ll be able to:

  • Understand how websites work 

  • Set up your domain and hosting

  • Create your own portfolio website

  • Create professional business websites for corporates 

  • Build eCommerce websites for your clients where they can sell their products/services 

  • Get maintenance and bug fixing jobs for existing Wordpress websites

  • Get a good grasp on the concepts of web development setting you up to specialize further in either front-end or back-end web development 

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