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Marco Di Cesare
Marco started his career as a graphic designer when he was 17, creating restaurant menus and business cards. At the age 19, he was hired by an advertising graphics studio where he worked for 5 years, while studying motion design and web design. He began to work as a freelance web and motion designer. At age 27, he was hired by Rai, a leading Italian national TV network.

With this knowledge you’ll be able to:

  • Create interesting logo animations
  • Enhance animations
  • Practice masking, 3D space and wiggle effects


In this crash course, you will learn how to make a quick logo reveal animation with After Effects and the Saber Plugin.

Prerequisites and requirements:

  • Digital Literacy

  • Basic Knowledge of animation rules (timeline and keyframes into the 2D and 3D space).

  • Access to After Effects. 

  • This course can be viewed on mobile but using a computer is necessary to complete the tasks. 

Course Curriculum

Estimated time of completion: 3 days

  • 1

    Ch0: Welcome to Coderstrust

    • C0.01: Welcome to your learning journey!

    • C0.02: What is Coderstrust?

    • C0.03: Coderstrust & You

    • C0.04: Setting goals

    • C0.05: Join our Community

    • C0.06: How it works: Assignments

    • C0.07: How it works: Quiz

  • 2

    Chapter 1: Quick Logo Reveal Animation

    • C1.01: Introduction of the Instructor

    • C1.02: Introduction to the Course

    • C1.03: Content and Learning Objectives

    • C1.04: Quick Logo Reveal Animation

    • C1.05: Quiz

    • C1.06: Assignment

    • Assignment Form (Don't Forget to Press Submit)

  • 3

    Chapter 2: Adding a fire effect with Saber plugin

    • C2.01: Content and Learning Objectives

    • C2.02: Adding a fire effect with Saber Plugin

    • C2.03: Quiz

    • C2.04: Assignment: Adding a fire effect with Saber Plugin

    • Assignment Form (Don't Forget to Press Submit)

    • One Last Step: Verification

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