With this knowledge you’ll be able to:

  • Understand what programming is and why it’s a very useful skill in the freelance marketplace
  • Become familiar with the fundamentals of Java
  • Learn how to solve real-life problems using object-oriented programming.
  • Create simple programs such as a calculator and a simple console game.


Learn the fundamentals of Java with practical examples and beginner-friendly projects. Learn about variables, functions and what OOP means. Tackle problems and tasks with the help of code, and start your journey to joining the online workforce!

Prerequisites and requirements:

  • Basic digital literacy skills
  • Basic English skills
  • Prior programming experience is helpful, but in no means required

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Chapter 00: Coderstrust

    • C0.01: Welcome to your learning journey!

    • C0.02: What is Coderstrust?

  • 2

    Chapter 01: Introduction

    • C1.01 - Introduction video

    • C1.02 - Introduction and structure

    • C1.03 - What is programming? Why bother to try and learn it?

    • C1.04 - IntelliJ installation guide

    • C1.05 - Hello World

    • C1.06 - What to expect from this course

    • C1.07 - Exercises

    • Where to go from here

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