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With this knowledge you’ll be able to:

  • Learn more about the tools you use every day
  • Build your very own simple website
  • Learn about what makes websites responsive
  • Understand the power of your browser’s developer console
  • Create the beginning of your online portfolio
  • Discover how websites work under the hood


How is a web page made? Where does the information come from? How can you change the colour of the banner on this page? The internet is giving us tools to communicate with the whole world! This opens up new freelancing opportunities: take the first step toward becoming a Web Developer.

Prerequisites and requirements:

  • Digital Literacy course

  • Computer with an internet connection.

  • This course can be viewed on mobile, and most of the tasks can be done on mobile too, but it is not ideal. 

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    C0: Get Familiar with Coderstrust

    • C0.01: Welcome to your learning journey!

    • C0.02: What is Coderstrust?

    • C0.03: Coderstrust & You

    • C0.04: Setting goals

    • C0.05: We are here for you!

    • C0.06: How it works: Assignments

    • C0.07: How it works: Quiz

  • 2

    C1: Welcome to the Web Development Course

    • C1.01: What will you learn?

  • 3

    C2: Introduction to the Internet

    • C2.01: The Internet and the World Wide Web

    • C2.02: Browser - Chrome

    • C2.03: What to do if you get stuck?

  • 4

    C3: What is a web page made of?

    • C3.01: What is a web page?

    • C3.02: Developers Console, fast forward

    • C3.03: What is a web page made of?

  • 5

    C4: Your Very First Webpage

    • C4.01: Creating your own!

    • C4.02: HTML elements as containers

    • C4.03: What makes an HTML element

    • C4.04: HTML elements

    • C4.05: CSS Taster

    • C4.06: Googling, part 2

    • C4: Assignment - Create a Mini Web Page

    • Assignment Form (Don't Forget to Press Submit)

  • 6

    C5: A Webpage from a File on your Desktop

    • C5.01: Creating a web site locally

    • C5.02: Text editors

    • C5.03: Create your HTML file

    • C5.04: Add more HTML elements

    • C5.05: Keyboard Shortcuts

    • C5.06: Basic HTML Structure

    • C5.06: HTML Attributes

    • C5.07: HTML classes and IDs

    • C5.08: Try it out!

    • C5: Assignment - Create your Portfolio, first steps

    • Assignment Form (Don't Forget to Press Submit)

  • 7

    C6: Add Some Style

    • C6.01: Add CSS to your HTML file

    • C6.02: Connecting the CSS file with your page

    • C6.03: Priority in CSS

    • C6.04: CSS inheritance and HTML structure

    • C6.05: Classes and IDs in CSS

    • C6.06: CSS Colors

    • C6: Assignment - Style your website

    • Assignment Form (Don't Forget to Press Submit)

  • 8

    C7: CSS Advanced

    • C7.01: Size of an Element

    • C7.02: Responsive web design

    • C7.03: Disclaimer

    • C7.04: Flexbox

    • C7.05: One single CSS file for all your pages

    • C7: Assignment - Portfolio with CSS

    • Assignment Form (Don't Forget to Press Submit)

  • 9

    C8: Recap!

    • C8: Assignment - Change this page!

    • Assignment Form (Don't Forget to Press Submit)

  • 10

    C9: Intro to JavaScript

    • C9.01: JavaScript adds behaviour to a page!

    • C9.02: Alert! Alert!

    • C9.03: Running JavaScript

    • C9.04: JavaScript Types

    • C9.05: Operations

    • C9.06: Operations pt.2

    • C9.07: The Power of JavaScript

  • 11

    C10: The Magic of JavaScript

    • C10.01: Add JavaScript to HTML

    • C10.02: First Script

    • C10.02: Functions explained

    • C10.03: Parameters and Arguments

    • C10.04: JavaScript actions explained

    • C10.05: Debugging JavaScript

    • C10.06: Interacting with the User

    • C10: Assignment: try it out!

    • Assignment Form (Don't Forget to Press Submit)

  • 12

    C11: Career: What's Next?

    • C11.01: Careers in Web Development

    • C11.02: A few possible next steps

  • 13


    • One Last Step: Verification

    • You are done! : D

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