Coderstrust Secures Education Partnerships in Uganda, Benin, Somaliland and Egypt to Expand Affordable Digital Skills Education Mission

Since 2014, Coderstrust has educated people in Digital and Soft Skills, giving their students an edge in the road to financial freedom through online freelancing. The future of the job market will be about specific digital skills and Coderstrust has the track record to make an impact in the Global South, providing the necessary digital and soft skills courses to ensure that young people can build financial independence for themselves and their families.

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Coderstrust has furthered their footprint in African continent with partnerships in Uganda, Benin, Somaliland and Egypt. These partnerships are both online and blended classroom learning with local mentors.

Thus far, Coderstrust has educated over 14,000 students. Since the launch of Coderstrust online Academy ( and Community in March 2020, 8,000 new students have signed up to learn digital and soft skills.

The Coderstrust Franchise model allows for students to learn in-person with a facilitator in partner establishments. This allows Coderstrust Academy to reach more students in need, who may not otherwise have access to a personal computer or stable internet connection.

In Uganda, Coderstrust has partnered with Maarifasasa, Makerere University, and U-Touch, in Somaliland, Elmi Academy, in Egypt, CrossWorkers and in Benin, SOS Children’s Villages.

Mads Galsgaard, CEO of Coderstrust said, “We’re excited to have signed amazing partners in four key countries. Together with our partners, we are committed to providing quality digital and soft skills training, personal mentorship and career advice — to qualify students to become digital freelancers and financially independent.”

Coderstrust courses are designed to position students for success in the digital marketplace. This year alone the demand for freelancers and the ability to work from home has increased greatly. Now more than ever, digital skills are a necessity for success in an increasingly digital world. With courses like Intro to Python, WordPress Customization, and Intro to Facebook Ads Manager, Coderstrust provides it’s students with skills that can be directly transferred to a online work for customers worldwide.

About Coderstrust Global (CTG)

Coderstrust Global is a Danish EdTech company, founded in 2014 with a focus on providing affordable education and job opportunities in emerging markets. Coderstrust has educated more than 14,000 people globally and continuously looks to expand their impact in emerging markets across the Global South. EdTech is the future of education in today’s global landscape and in-line with the UN SDGs, which are a part of the Coderstrust Mission.

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