We rely on all members to help keep these community spaces a productive, educational and safe place for people to share and view information. These community guidelines will help us build a positive and thriving learning community. 

We keep an eye out on the posts in this community, but messages and comments can slip through our cracks, so if there is anything that is going against these guidelines or making you uncomfortable in any way, please write to academy@coderstrust.com and we will respond promptly!

Some tips:

  • Share what you learn: It might seem scary at first but don’t hold back, it's likely someone will find your insight useful or interesting.

  • Share what you don’t know: chances are that if something is confusing you, it might confuse others too. Be the one to speak up and ask a question that might help others.

  • Be positive: when you write or respond, remember to be respectful, friendly, supportive, and even empowering, learning happens best when we feel positive and safe!

And some rules: 

  • Keep it civil and respectful: Coderstrust encourages open and candid discussion. However, all communications should be civil and respectful. And always remember to keep your criticism constructive!

  • Keep it legal: participating in, suggesting, or encouraging any illegal activity is cause for an immediate ban from the Coderstrust learning communities.

  • No spam: posting the same (or similar) messages is considered spam, and we may remove such posts.

  • No ads or solicitation: Coderstrust may remove posts containing unsolicited personal or commercial solicitations or advertising.

  • Observe copyright and trademark law: posting of copyrighted videos, photos, articles or other material beyond what is protected as fair use is prohibited, and Coderstrust may remove such posts.

  • Protect your privacy: do not post personal or any other information that you do not want made public. We may remove any reference to the identity of a participant.

  • Respect the privacy of others: Coderstrust may remove any reference to personal information about others that can be used to identify or locate them, or that could otherwise be deemed to constitute an invasion of privacy.

  • Opinions: opinions expressed by users in this community are theirs alone, and not those of Coderstrust.

  • Third-party links: links may go to third-party sites. Coderstrust is not responsible for the content on those sites.

  • Post in English: write your post in English, so that everyone can understand. If you are unsure about your English, doublecheck with a translator (feel free to add the original message after, but make sure to include the English message first).

Mentors and moderators at Coderstrust reserve the right to:

  • determine what constitutes inappropriate content

  • edit or entirely remove inappropriate content, and

  • ban users from participating in the online community. 

Help us create a positive learning community! 

Looking forward to your contributions and interactions!