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  • What is Coderstrust Academy useful for?

    At Coderstrust Academy we build online freelancers by teaching students the necessary digital skills to launch or further their career. We also provide support through our online Community page where students and instructors interact and we share online resources for finding jobs, freelancing, and our virtual events.

  • How long can I access the courses?

    Once you’ve completed the sign up, you have access to the courses for life.

  • What does CT Academy stand for?

    CT Academy is Coderstrust Academy. Learn more about Coderstrust here.

  • How can I find work?

    For information on online freelancing jobs and how best to position yourself in the digital landscape, we suggest you join our community here. For careers with Coderstrust, please visit our career page.

  • How much does it cost to enroll?

    Our courses vary in price point. Be sure to check out our courses page to learn more.

  • How many courses are here?

    We currently have 10 courses live however we are constantly releasing new ones! We also want to provide you with the courses you find most useful. If you are looking for a course but don’t see it yet, write us on and we’ll notify you when your course is live.

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