MASTER WiZR and Coderstrust Offer Early Access to Try The Next Generation Digital Platform - Master the Test Pilot Program and Win Cash Prizes!

We live in a digital world of increased connectivity where learning, earning, and many aspects of living have gone online. Coderstrust provides digital and soft skills education with a focus on career and course mentoring to ensure success and financial independence while MASTER WiZR is changing the world of online presentations through their revolutionary interface and services. Both companies have the common mission of connecting humans virtually, as Coderstrust works towards achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals, with the restrictions of travel due to border closures, COVID-19 and CO2 emissions, it is clear the world needs to work closer together which is why the MASTER WiZR service provides a place where students and freelancers alike can create unique digital presentations.

MASTER WiZR brings professionals together through a digital experience with the aim of making “virtual better than physical”. In any kind of professional, or personal connection, there is a matter of relational experience which can be hard to replicate. With MASTER WiZR you can put your best foot forward and boost your performance through the ability to have far better prepared material and experience of digital meetings. MASTER WiZR allows you to present and share your content in a unique way to clients which increases your chances to obtain jobs and to advance your career. 

Together with MASTER WiZR, Coderstrust presents a “Freelance Campaign” which provides an exclusive opportunity for individuals to test the MASTER WiZR service for free and be among the first to potentially join our QUALITY MASTER TEAM. To enter, participants simply need to submit a questionnaire regarding their experience. The MASTER WiZR experts will review applications and select 500 students to proceed in the process. The best performing participants will win cash prizes and job opportunities.

The MASTER WiZR platform is a revolutionary  SaaS (Solution as a Software) for building bleeding edge digital presentations.  MASTER WiZR aims to be the world's premier presentation and meeting tool. They empower users to master communications with innovative designs, navigation and sharing bringing the experience to the future of presentations, today.  

CEO Mads Galsgaard Statement:

“We are proud to offer this unique opportunity to our community of digital freelancers. Coderstrust firmly believes in empowering and mentoring young people to build digital careers.”

About Coderstrust 

Coderstrust is a Global EdTech company, headquartered in Denmark, with a focus on providing affordable education and job opportunities for everyone. Coderstrust has educated more than 14,000 people globally and continuously looks to expand their impact in emerging markets across the Global South. EdTech is the future of education in today’s global landscape and in-line with the UN SDGs, which are a part of the Coderstrust Mission.

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