About Mubs

Established in 1997 to centralize the development and standardization of business and management education in Uganda, Makerere University Business School (MUBS) is now the leading provider of Business and Management education that facilitates professional development, and promotes Entrepreneurship and Leadership in the region. Through the partnership with Coderstrust Global, MUBS seeks to provide aspiring people - young and old, with an opportunity to develop their talents, and strength and overcome their fears and weaknesses through the different skilling programmes.

About Maarifasasa

Maarifasasa is a Ugandan education technology company that leverages technological innovations to democratize access to life changing education opportunities that empower the learner to unleash their hidden and greatest potential. Founded in 2018, Maarifasasa's vision is to be the leader of a new education revolution in Africa, to attain an empowered continent where its people are equipped to realize their greatest potential.

Our partnership with Coderstrust Global is a reinforcement of our pursuit of the noble ideal of democratizing access to life-changing learning opportunities all across Uganda. We are thrilled to partner in bringing affordable education and job access to the young men and women of our country.

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